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Web Application Development

Web development technologies

Node.js Get the benefits of stretched performance and efficiency using reliable software platform Node.js for web, networking applications comprising ability to bear an increasing amount of workload, serve more customers in a sustainable manner. Build application handling numerous client applications and get more out of the hardware server platform.
Angular.js Looking for a JavaScript framework to organize applications, for interactive web UI choose Angular.js Development. It is possible to declare dynamic views in web applications with Angular.js Web & Mobile applications using Angular.JS are easy to test and maintain.
jQuery is an amazing Javascript library that makes interaction between Javascript and HTML extremely easy. By stripping out the entire unnecessary markup, jQuery saves cost and time on writing Javascript code through taking care of common repetitive tasks. jQuery provides a platform for AJAX development along with methods for animation. jQuery makes development more consistent and hassle-free by adding other high level functionalities to the main Javascript framework. jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid Web application development.
PHP Greater freedom and benefit from large community of developers. It’s the easiest of scripting languages hence any solutions developed there is not shortage of development resources. PHP offers scalability, easier to fix problems, data base access libraries and more over it’s open source which is cost effective.
Web application development

 Cloud Based Mobile Apps are the Future of Mobile Computing.

Many of the Business across the globe are realising benefits of moving their products and services to cloud. Some of the benefit of cloud are dynamic scalability, maintenance free, high availability and huge cost saving. To leverage the benefits of Cloud, picking an expert cloud application development partner is essential. At Megron Tech have been designing, implementing and maintaining applications on the cloud for our clients which has benefitted many of clients, specifically start-ups and small businesses.
Cloud backend has been proven solution to hold data for mobile apps, specifically because of scalability to support number of fast app user base growth. As a cloud application development company, we ensure that the end users have easy access to updates and new features. Moving to the cloud can be a great business move if done right. Let’s talk and explore how we can help you leverage these technologies.
Web application development
Not only are businesses moving legacy applications to the cloud, they are also developing newer mobile and social applications that would not have been possible otherwise. Whether you are migrating your mainframe database management systems or building something entirely new from scratch adopting cloud based technology brings up challenges in:
Deciding the appropriate type of cloud- public, private or hybrid
• Establishing data ownership and security
• Coding for a distributed environment
• Integrating the cloud with internal systems
• Settling on a particular service offering- SaaS, IaaS or PaaS
• Ensuring data portability
• Avoiding vendor lock in.

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