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Improving your website’s visibility in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing can be done through the practice of search engine optimization, generally denoted to as SEO. The key purpose of search engines is to find specific information from the vast area that is well-known as the World Wide Web. Google plays a vital part for any business that wishes their online presence known; because the majority of internet users use Google to find products or services online. If you aren’t showing on the first page of Google’s search results, you will be struggling against your competitors. SEO looks at search engines how does it work and tries to understand what creates a site rank. The dynamic nature of SEO is businesses need to stay on top of their SEO efforts.

MegronTech-Seo process


What we can do for your business with SEO?

Provide business focused traffic for your website

Website optimizing should focus on local searches initially, then cast a widespread net and drive intercontinentally. With our SEO optimization technique, invite the customers more effectively who are searching for the products and services than which your competitor can offer. The more keywords you require which are directly connected to your product or service, the greater rank your site is going to get. Our team of experts will study your business and shall come up with the keywords which are right for your business. Investing money in SEO is certainly one of the cleverest things you can do.

Offer greater visibility of your website online

A great design of website but no user traffic, means no new leads for business? If you already have great website and our team of experts can review your content on website and come up with recommendations to with SEO friendly content.


If you have a great product or service which your offering as an promotion , we will provide you recommendations how this can be promoted via website or social media. In some cases, google add word campaigns is a great way to reach your customers.

Return on investment

If you do opt our services, we shall optimize your website with keywords which are required for your business. We generate reports on weekly basis show improvement in ranking of your website, plus the user traffic. Our team dedicates to run various campaigns to ensure that you reach your online business goals and value for your money.


SEO experts at Megron tech use optimization tactics to give better rankings and better clarity for your page or website. Our experts follow certain rules, standards and quality parameters in building a better user-friendly website. Forward with onsite and offsite optimization, our experts follow competitor analysis, Keyword analysis, search engine tracking and landing page gain techniques to give you the best results.
Type of Keywords No of Keywords Price/Month
Head (Example:Camera) 5 Rs 15,000
Short Tail (Example:Digital Camera) 5 Rs 10,000
Long Tail (Example:Sony Digital Camera) 5 Rs 6,000


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