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Ecommerce Solutions

Due to latest advancements in technology, it is unavoidable not to have a mobile application or mobile commerce website which is a great marketing tool that provide opportunities for Businesses.
We provide solutions to ranging from brick-to-mortar to agile businesses and help them thrive in the market. This can be achieved by bringing them awareness to the mass as well as niche market.
Thanks to these advancements and ever growing mobile market, this opportunity of business development is not restricted to those who are having interest of buying and selling the products on the internet regardless of store presence. Nothing can bring you closer to your customers more than mobile devices which can be very flexible, personalised to suit the needs.
Whether it is an E commerce, Order online system, Sales Tracking/Management system or just simple personal Apps, in short- simple or complex, we build it with highest quality, standards and scalable solution that attract the potential customers for business. The ease of shopping by customer, either through mobile application or mobile commerce website is a breeze which make mobile commerce development important and priority element for success for businesses today and future.
Technologies : PHP , OpenCart , MySQL , Magento , Android , iOS and PayPal
M-Commerce Services:
  • Design and Development
  • CMS Product Management
    • Unlimited Products and Images
    • Voucher Management
  • Customer Database Management
  • Shipping options
    • Integration with other Shipping Companies
    • Cash on delivery
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Tax Integration
  • System Backup and Restore tools
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi linguistic languages
Start with us and envision your business growth while our integrated team of experts with constantly upgrading technology, will scrutinise your industry sector and provide suitable solutions in mobile commerce.