HomeNinja- Changing way to get local services

HomeNinja- Changing way to get local services.


Our life is moving quickly, so we can’t even get enough time to think, work, can’t spend time with family and relatives and also work stress. So we created an application called HomeNinja which helps to book home services in Helsinki capital region of Finland.


HomeNinja is changing the way we get best local services for Finnish citizens in major cities of finland. Flicktask website and mobile app provides trusted and reliable digital marketplace to list,search and book local services.Choose a service providers based on your schedule, price and customer ratings. Some of the key services we are offering include, cleaning, chef, handyman, etc. in Helsinki capital region. Whether it’s cleaning or delivering flowers to a friend, HomeNinja (Service providers) make help accessible.


Market place for home services

HomeNinja offers various home services includes like General cleaning, window cleaning, sauna cleaning, Yard work, bartender, Home chef and General handyman etc. Choose service, flicker and book according to your timings.
Feeling tired or any party or clean room etc book homeninja service and make your life amazing.They will provide best service for customers.
Book HomeNinja service and enjoy amazing experience. For more details visit HomeNinja